What Do You Want to Do?

To celebrate the new year, thank our friends, and keep us all inspired/feeling guilty, we created an app that lets you make new year’s resolution wallpaper for your phone, tablet, or desktop. Then we realized it could be useful all year round. Select one of the goals already there, or write your own. “Simplify.” “Be your best self.” “Eat less raccoon.” Whatever it is, we hope you reach your goals.

The Easiest Part

The easiest part of reaching a goal? Setting it as wallpaper. Write your message to yourself, choose a background color, and make it your wallpaper. Boom!

Already Perfect?

Don’t have any flaws or greedy habits burning a hole in your personality? Hmm. We can suggest tons of ways you could be even better.

Wallpaper Every Device

It’s not just for phone. You can wallpaper every device in your life.