Liquid Mobile

A Tablet App for Hedge Fund Managers

Liquid hired us to take their heavy-duty hedge fund management software, rethink it, and serve it up on the tablet. We took the best of their trading, accounting, and reporting functionality, and designed a light, unified app that hedge fund managers can use anywhere. Bye, desk!

The Essentials of Trading

The biggest challenge was taking the robust desktop trading platform, pulling the essential features, and making them usable on the tablet. We made it easy with a simple, persistent order bar and a graphical view of all your placed orders. The details are all one tap away.

Dynamic Pitch Books

Hedge fund managers are often on the road doing sales, armed with a PowerPoint of static fund reports. For Liquid, we created a dynamic tablet pitchbook that you customize in advance, then fire up when you’re with the client. The book pulls in live, interactive data for the fund you choose.

Watch Your Fund In One Place

On the customizable dashboard, we surface important performance information that managers typically have to run reports to see. A few customers said this is all they would ever need.

…Or Don’t Watch It At All

You can set up alerts for events that matter to you, and get notified via popup, text, or email.