A Cloud ERP Pioneer Gets a Makeover

Kenandy is a platform that runs every aspect of a business: procurement, manufacturing, sales, and accounting. Built on the Salesforce platform, it’s extremely robust and customizable. So when they decided to revamp their UI, our challenge was to design a strong and flexible UI framework that could handle every workflow, feature, and customization you throw at it.

A Customizable Framework

It was essential that we let users customize everything about the UI: the navigation, the workflows, the layout of each screen, the fields, even the names of buttons. Basically, this product also needed to be a fool-proof UI builder.

More Than a Database

We wanted Kenandy to be more than just a database; we wanted it to help users do their jobs. We worked with the product experts in procurement, manufacturing, sales, and accounting to learn and optimize the key workflows for each team, and designed screens that guide users through the flow.

Responsively Designed

As with everything we design for the web, Kenandy is responsively designed for full screen and small touch screens.