Changing How Data Science Is Done

The founders of Immuta spent a decade working in the U.S. Intelligence community tackling the some of the most complex and sensitive data problems in the world. They built the Immuta platform so that data scientists can access and use data in ways they never could before. We worked with the Immuta team to build their new web presence, and show how they’re changing the way data science is done.

Visual Storytelling

To illustrate several abstract concepts (philanthropic data science, anyone?), we created a series of animations. We wanted to break away from data science cliches, and convey Immuta’s attributes: laser-focused, empowering, and transformative.

A Publishing Platform

Immuta needed a robust blog to share their knowledge in the form of articles, white papers, and video demos. We designed the blog and CMS to make it easy for all members of their team to contribute.

The 20-Second Demo

We created this short animation to demo the product in action.