HG Helix

Online Genomics Textbook

We worked with the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology to design H.G. Helix, an interactive textbook for high school students studying genomics. This book is a companion piece to their educational video game, Touching Triton. We worked closely with their development team to create a custom CMS that takes any content, and formats it beautifully.

An Interactive Textbook

Students can read, listen, and view their way through the material. Features like assigned reading, annotations, and bookmarks help engage them even more. Special sections visible just to teachers offer supplemental material.

Touching Triton

The HG Helix textbook is a companion piece to the educational video game Touching Triton, in which students synthesize family history, environmental, and genomic data of astronauts embarking on a long-duration space flight mission.

The Hudson Alpha Institute

The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology has a mission to improve human health and the quality of life through genomic research, economic development, and educational outreach. They are shaping a future workforce that is deeply literate in bioscience and technology.