eBay Dealmint

An Auctionplace for Daily Deals

Daily deals are great. Who doesn’t like a free sandwich? But for business owners, it wasn’t great to give away goods and not see the return business. eBay Dealmint set out to solve this by creating a marketplace where business owners could post deals for auction, on their own terms, and deal publishers could bid on them. We worked with eBay to design the Dealmint web app and website.

Business Owners, Now You’re In Control

Most business owners are small shops, new to the world of daily deals. Our goal was to guide them through the process of crafting a deal, with total control and zero intimidation. The app provides friendly guidance, including a “Daily Deals 101” to learn how to put together a profitable deal.

Deal Publishers, No More Cold-Calling

Instead of spending their time cold-calling business owners to generate deals, publishers can browse deals (by type, location, and discount), and bid on them.